About us

DeMar Agencies originally started in 1969 and is the oldest hairdressing company in Kwazulu Natal and one of the oldest in South Africa. We manufacture and distribute an extensive range of hair care products, accessories, equipment and furniture, as well as beauty equipment to salons, pet shops, pharmacies and supermarkets throughout South Africa.

Our Brands

Just for the professionals

Nourish Hair Care

This professional range is available to salons only. Nourish is trusted by thousands of salons in South Africa and Namibia. We are currently working on rebranding and a new range and will hopefully be introducing it to you middle of 2021! See more at 

No.1 in KZN!

DeMar Hair Cosmetics

DeMar Hair Cosmetics has been supplying the salon trade for over 50 years with bulk shampoo, conditioner, treatment, Peroxides, bleaches and more! DeMar’s Creamoxy is KZN salons  NO.1 go to Creme Peroxide!

Leaders in Africa


The leading brand of Bleach kits in Africa. Excellence is a Supermarket and pharmacy range that is distributed throughout Africa. Excellence is currently growing rapidly and is set to launch even more products in 

Simple but effective...


TTS is brand new to the market, making its debut appearance in 2019. TTS is a supermarket and pharmacy brand just like Excellence.  TTS was launched by DeMar’s owner when he saw a gap in the market for a more affordable bleach kit. 

Why Choose Us?

Strictly trade only! We go that extra mile when looking after our customers.

All your information you share with us is safe and secure and will only be used when needed.

We are 100% committed to supplying great products at good value for money and believe our fast delivery service and permanent special offers make us stand out a mile from our competition! 

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