Ordering Process


Ordering Telephonically:

1. You can call our landline (031 312 6331) or Whatsapp (061 427 9172) our cell to place your order

2. Please state your correct Account name or Account code and area.

3. After placing your order your invoice will be emailed to you. If possible please double check that your invoice is correct before delivery is done.

4. If you not sure when your next delivery day is, click here for delivery dates.

5. If you are not from KZN, orders will be delivered via door-to-door courier after payment reflects in our account.

Ordering Online:

1. Once you have been vetted and approved you will be sent your login details. This could take up to 3 working days.

2. Log in using your personal login details.

3. Browse our website and add all the products you wish to order to your cart. Feel free to add products to your cart even if it says out of stock.

4. When you have completed your order click the shopping “cart” icon (top right corner).Click checkout. Confirm all information is correct. Click place order. 

5. Your order will be sent to the office and an invoice will be generated and emailed through (invoice may differ from order if we don’t have stock of certain items).

6. Follow the instructions on the invoice to make payment before delivery.

7. Once payment has reflected into our account we will release your order.

Ordering through your sales reps:

1. You may place your orders with your reps by Whatsapp, E-mail, SMS, telephonically or in person.

2. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you receive your Tax Invoice via E-mail the day before you are expected to receive your order. Sometimes we do not invoice orders the day they are received and they may only be invoiced and emailed the day before delivery.