Payment Terms

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We accept cash and card upon delivery. Please make sure the exact cash is ready at reception in order to make a smooth and efficient transaction. Our drivers will not leave any order without payment. Our drivers have been instructed to not wait more than 5 minutes at any salon due to their safety concerns regarding Covid-19.

Our local KZN clients are very fortunate to be able to pay by card at time of delivery. Our drivers carry around a card machine for all deliveries. Please ensure the card is ready at reception for payment to be made. Our drivers will not wait more than 5 minutes in any salon

All customers have the option to pay via EFT however, we will not release your order until your payment has reflected in our bank account. Customers have the option to pay into our First National Bank or Nedbank back accounts.Please use your invoice number or account number as your EFT reference to avoid any delays.