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Now you can get your daily dose of pure Collagen in our smoothie & shake-friendly powder version. This imported, ultra-premium, scientifically validated collagen, comes in a laboratory-grade reagent glass bottle – perfect to keep on the kitchen counter, at the office, in the car and is also the perfect gift for that health-conscience friend!

The stunning glass bottle can be reused or recycled. Simply wash in warm soapy water and the label will come off easily.

Take 1 to 2 level teaspoons per day for maximum results. Easy peasy! Goodbye wrinkles! Hello youthful, glowing radiant skin & hair!

Why Peptan?

Developed in the beauty capital of the world – France, Peptan are bioactive collagen peptides that have been specifically developed to deliver multiple health & beauty benefits and functional properties. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated Peptan’s ability to promote anti-ageing, beauty from within and healthy living. Type 1 Collagen Peptides are all-natural and contain more than 97% protein in the form of amino acids. Hydrolysed collagen peptides allow for easy digestion and absorption. Backed by science, Peptan are the market leaders in collagen peptides.

Beauty From Within:

Peptan double-blind clinical studies have shown to:

  1. Reduce Wrinkles
  2. Improve Hair strength
  3. Decrease Collagen Fragmentation / Deterioration
  4. Improve Skin Hydration